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Publications et conférences (2)

  • Global Change and Uncertainty : The Paradox of Our Time

    Global Change and Uncertainty : The Paradox of our Time A Research Report on Sovereignty and the Magnetic Power of Interdependency
    Globalization’s Sketchy Record of Predicting Outcomes
    The globalization Grand Narrative made many bold promises about the self-regulating market and the efficiency of the price system. But despite its gold-plated attraction, liberal cosmopolitanism has not become the dominant feature of globalization with its overarching vision of transnational governance. (...)

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  • Non Standard Employment, the Jobs Crisis and Precarity

    Executive Summary : The Structural Transformation of the World of Work
    The Critical Features of the Non standard Labour Market Model
    This report examines the causes as well as the symptoms of non standard employment. Its principal wide angled finding is that non standard employment has always been part of the labour market but now it has become a predominant feature. The two features of non standard work are little or no job security and highly flexible hours and conditions of work set (...)

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