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Réseau québécois d’études postsoviétiques

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Mission of the Network

The aim of the network is to gather scholars, specialists, and graduate students who work on the postsoviet region in order to offer a platform of communication and diffusion, which will hopefully foster collaboration between disciplines, professions, and research institutions. While this network is open to everyone, it will concentrate especially on issues related to the social sciences and the humanities in order to foster a greater dialogue.

Object of Study

The focus of the network is on the postsoviet region. The “postsoviet” adjective should not be understood here in its historical sense; rather, the term refers to a geographical and cultural space, which was shaped by a common belonging to the USSR. In other words, while the aim of the network is to gather research on the fifteen states that are now successors of the USSR. Research on the region during the soviet and presoviet periods are, of course, welcome.

Mailing List

Those interested are invited to subscribe to the network’s mailing list for regular updates on activities related to the postsoviet region. The mailing list is updated by members, who may advertise events (or any public service announcements), to the community network.
To register, simply enter your email address in the provided space on this page, click on “Subscribe”, and then validate the request.

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To circulate emails to the community network, you must send them via liste-postsov@listserv.uqam.ca . Please note that you must be registered with the network in order to circulate emails.

Other Network Activities

Why limit ourselves to a mailing list when the network will gather a community of specialists with shared interests? A first meeting will be held in Spring 2015 to discuss the organization of different activities that could correspond to the needs of the network community (i.e., graduate seminars, annual conventions, informal meetings, etc.) All ideas are welcome and you are invited to share them via this address reseau.postsov@gmail.com or through the mailing list.


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Responsables du Réseau québécois d’études post-soviétiques

Guillaume Sauvé
Professeur invité - Département de science politique - Université de Montréal
Bureau à l’UdeM: 515-14, 3744, rue Jean-Brillant

Virginie Lasnier
Chercheure postdoctorale - Département de science politique - Université de Montréal
Coordonnatrice - CEUE - Université McGill et Université de Montréal
Bureau à l’UdeM: 515-60, 3744, rue Jean-Brillant

Édouard Pontoizeau


Total 3 publications