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Citizenship as a Regime - Canadian and International Perspectives

Essai paru aux éditions McGill-Queen’s University Press, juillet 2018 , par Nora Nagels, Observatoire des Amériques (OdA)

Nora Nagels est codirectrice de l’Observatoire des Amériques (ODA)

Sous la direction de Nora Nagels, Aude-Claire Fourot et Mireille Paquet.

State building is an ongoing process that first defines legitimate citizenship and then generates citizens. Political analysts and social scientists now use the concept of citizenship as a lens for considering both the evolution of states and the development of their societies. In Citizenship as a Regime leading political scientists from Canada, Europe, and Latin America use insights from comparative politics, institutionalism, and political economy to understand and analyze the dynamics of contemporary policies and politics.

This book celebrates Jane Jenson’s work and many of her contributions to political science and the study of Canadian politics. Featuring Jenson’s concept of "citizenship regime", the collected chapters consider its theoretical and methodological underpinning and presents new applications to various empirical contexts.

Contributors present original research, critically assess the idea of a citizenship regime, and suggest ways to further develop Jane Jenson’s notion of a "citizenship regime" as an analytical tool. Research essays in this volume consider various social forces and dynamics such as neoliberalism, inequality, LGBTQ movements, the rise of populism amid nationalist movements in multinational societies-including Indigenous self-determination claims-and how they transform the politics of citizenship. These collected contributions-by former students, collaborators and colleagues of Jenson-highlight her lasting influence on the contemporary study of citizenship in Canada and elsewhere.


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