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NAFTA and United States Regional Trade Policy

Competing Regionalism and Global Governance in a Post-Hegemonic Era


European Union and New Regionalism

Edition: Third Edition

Edited by Mario Telò, Université Libre de Bruxelles and LUISS University, Rome

Stemming from an international and multidisciplinary network of leading specialists, this best-selling text is fully updated with new chapter additions. With the first edition prepared at the end of the last century and the second edition adding inter-regional relations, this new edition focuses on competing models of regional cooperation within a multipolar world and the role of European Union.

This new edition offers:
 A comparative analysis of regional cooperation and of both US-centred and EU-centred interregionalism.
 A fresh exploration of key issues of regionalism versus globalization and the potential for world economic and political governance through regional cooperation, notably in hard times.
 A vigorous response to conventional wisdom on the controversial EU international identity
 An appendix on regional and interregional organizations.
 A key resource for postgraduate or undergraduate study and research of international relations, European integration studies, comparative politics and international political economy.

Taking into account both the expanded European Union and regional cooperation in every continent, this multidisciplinary volume comprises contributions from established scholars in the field: A. Gamble, P. Padoan, G. Joffé, G. Therborn, Th. Meyer, R. Higgott, B. Hettne / F. Ponjaert, F. Soederbaum, Ch. Deblock, K. Eliassen / A. Arnottir, S. Keukeleire / I. Petrova, S. Santander and M. Telò (editor).

NAFTA and United States Regional Trade Policy

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) entered into force 20 years ago, on 1 January 1994. Following the Canada-Us Free Trade Agreement, it covers Canada, the United States of America and Mexico. Bearing the US vision of regionalism, NAFTA was to be model of integration, a force for changing the multilateral trading system and economic instrument for the construction of IS competitiveness and influence in the world.

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