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James K. Galbraith

A bit of audio...

Economists for Peace and Security hosted a symposium entitled "A Strategic
Policy : Investment, Social Security and Economic Recovery" in Washington on October 1 ; my talk was mainly on deficit fallacies and the importance of Social Security and Medicare :

A brief appearance on the Dylan Ratigan show, same day :

The previous day, a talk to members of the Progressive Caucus at the Kennedy School at Harvard, mainly on financial fraud :

and then a paper presentation to the forum of the Scholar’s Strategy
Network :

On September 20, a keynote to the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (with a bit in French) :

video here :

On September 16, it was a seminar on global governance, hosted by the Presidency in Brasilia :

Meanwhile, video of the Bruno Kreisky Forum, in Vienna, entitled "The Necessary Future of Social Democracy" back in June, is now posted :


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