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Arturo Guillén R.

Ten Theses on New Developmentalism

29 septembre 2010

São Paulo School of Economics of Getulio Vargas Foundation
Structuralist Development Macroeconomics Center

Ten Theses on New Developmentalism

On May 24 and 25 of 2010, a group of economists sharing a Keynesian and structuralist
development macroeconomics approach convened in São Paulo to discuss ten theses on New
Developmentalism – the name that some of them have been using for some years to describe the
national development strategy that middle income countries are today using or should use to
promote development and economic catching up.
The meeting was part of the Financial Governance and the New Developmentalism project,
financed by the Ford Foundation. The project has as its background the failure of the
Washington Consensus to promote growth in Latin America and the 2008 Global Financial
Crisis that showed the limits and dangers involved in financial globalization and financial

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