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Observatoire des Amériques (OdA)

El comercio exterior catalán con América Latina en las últimas dos décadas

Volume 18, numéro 4, Octobre 2018


This paper reviews the evolution of trade flows between Spanish communities and Latin America (LA) and, in particular, the foreign trade between Catalonia and LA during the period 1995-2016. According to the past average growth rate, the current level of trade with LA is well below its potential. Catalonia can benefit by increasing its exports of Semi manufactures, as well as those of the Automobile Sector and Capital Good. As to Argentina and Brazil, the most promising categories of exported goods are Food, beverages and tobacco and various Semi manufactures. In the case of Mexico, the promising categories are Energy Products and the Automobile Sector.

JEL Codes :
F10, F13, F15.