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Call for papers

Centre d’études sur l’intégration et la mondialisation (CEIM)


The Center for International Relation Studies (CEFIR) and the University of Liège are pleased to invite you to the first international workshop on "Regionalism and Integration Processes in Latin America". The workshop is intended to bring together a selected audience of colleagues active and interested in this field. It will be a one-day event held on November 24, from 2 to 6:30 pm, at the Faculty of Law and Political Science of the University of Liège. The workshop is limited to seven participants. The working language is English. The participation is free of charge.


The world has gone through an increasing movement toward regionalization. In Latin America, several integration processes took place in the last decade – with differences in scope, size and relevance – as its regional landscape continues to shift, according to the rise of different actors in this now multipolar world. Concomitantly, other institutions transformed their status in order to fit the ongoing change in the international arena.

The workshop aims at the discussions and analyses on the different integration processes in Latin America vis-à-vis the evolution of Latin American regional landscape and the world as a whole. All theoretical and methodological views are welcome.


The papers submitted to the workshop will go through a careful selection and peer-review process in order to be published in a special issue of the University of Liège’s journal Fédéralisme-Régionalisme [http://popups.ulg.ac.be/1374-3864/], to be compiled by the Workshop Organization Team. The high quality of the papers is imperative, since it needs to pass the editorial process of the journal. The launch of the special edition is expected for the beginning of 2016.

General guidelines

1. Abstract and paper must be only in English.
2. Abstract must be a maximum of 250 words and must be submitted to the following e-mail addresses : gmatiuzzi@doct.ulg.ac.be and lculpi@student.ulg.ac.be.
3. Paper must be original, unpublished work.
4. We encourage work that introduces new ideas and conceptualizations, research and understandings to the field.
5. After the Workshop, the authors will have the opportunity to improve their paper before the journal’s peer-review process.
6. Instructions for authors, provided by the journal Fédéralisme-Régionalisme, will be available after abstract confirmation.
7. Please, be attentive to dates and deadlines.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Workshop Organization Team at both the e-mail addresses above mentioned.

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